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What should I do if a technical error occurs?

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At Caxino, we store every game round in a database. If an error occurs due to a lost connection in the middle of a game round, rest assured that your data was saved. Often, restarting your browser or device will resolve any issues.

In the event that a game developer has problems on their end, an error message should appear stating the details.

For any other errors that you cannot resolve with a reload or restart, we kindly request that you contact Customer Support and provide them with as much detail as possible. Information that will help us identify your issue include:

  • Game name (if applicable)
  • Time of incident (as close as possible)
  • Wager amount (if known and applicable)
  • Description of incident

It always helps if you can provide a screenshot of the event. To capture a screenshot, perform the following keyboard actions:

  • Windows: Win+PrtScn
  • MacOS: Shift+Command+3
  • Mobile Devices: This varies by device. See your device manufacturer for details.

Email all information, including screenshots if available, to [email protected].

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