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Caxino Jackpots

Jackpot Games are games available at Caxino which offer a large prize. Some jackpots can grow for months until the grand prize is won, while others are awarded on a daily basis. One thing they all have in common is that they provide big-time wins.

To hit a jackpot, you usually have to achieve the top prize in a slot’s bonus game. There are exceptions, like Red Tiger Gaming’s Daily Drop jackpot, awarded once a day at random outside of a bonus game. But for the most part, jackpots are triggered by lucky streaks enjoyed in the bonus round.

What Jackpots are Available?

There are three main types of jackpots - standard jackpots, Caxino-pooled jackpots, and network jackpots:

  • Standard Jackpot: This type of jackpot is built into an individual game. Unlike pooled jackpots, these are generally a fixed amount and do not grow. As jackpots go, these are usually the smallest ones available. However, there is a notable exception. Hacksaw Gaming has introduced a $25 million CAD jackpot with the game My Lucky Number. We have heard that they are planning games with even larger fixed jackpots in the coming months.

  • Caxino-pooled: A pooled jackpot is one that takes a small percentage of each wager and adds it to the game’s jackpot. Caxino-pooled jackpots only take contributions from players at Caxino Casino, and represent the medium range of jackpot awards.

  • Network Jackpots: Network jackpots are the granddaddy jackpot types with the largest average jackpot values. Network jackpot games take contributions from every casino that hosts a particular game. Some titles, such as Mega Moolah, are hosted at hundreds of online casinos with each of their Mega Moolah players contributing a small percentage to the jackpot on each spin. Another nice feature of Network Jackpot games is that their grand prize can often be won on minimal wagers. In 2013, a Finnish player racked up a $27,365,904.99 CAD payday on a 20¢ bet on Mega Fortune. That win was followed up two years later when a British Army soldier won a $23,063,503.85 CAD jackpot on a wager of just 25p (25¢)!

How Big Can an Online Casino Jackpot Grow?

For pooled jackpots, there is no upper limit to how large a jackpot can become. The only thing that stops their growth is when they are won by a player. This isn’t to say that they reset to zero when they are won. Mega Moolah, for example, will reset to $1 million CAD when the jackpot is won. This reset value varies from game to game. For full information, check out the information screen of a jackpot game.

Like a lottery, network jackpots tend to grow at greater speed once they become larger. Players can see the jackpot amount over each jackpot game’s thumbnail and they will even get press coverage if the jackpot becomes very large. When they start passing over $10 million CAD, they usually grow quite quickly.


What is the largest online casino jackpot game?

Currently, the largest fixed jackpot game is My Lucky Number with a $25 million CAD jackpot. Pooled jackpots can vary and you should check out Jackpot Games in the casino lobby for current values.

What is the largest jackpot game won at an online casino?

To date, the largest jackpot win was £13,209,300 ($23,063,503.85 CAD) on Mega Moolah (largest ever based on the exchange rate at that time). It was won by a 26-year-old soldier from the United Kingdom in October 2015.

How often do online casino jackpots hit?

Some jackpot will occur every day, such as Red Tiger's Daily Drop. Others may accumulate for months until the grand prize hits, but when that happens these long-awaited jackpots are quite large.

Do all games have jackpots?

No. Some might have bonus feature wins that they call jackpots, but true jackpot games can be found by clicking "Jackpot Games" in the Caxino game lobby.

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