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Deal or No Deal

Building on the success of other Live Casino library titles, Evolution Gaming broke new ground with this high-quality variant of the hit TV show aired throughout the early 2000s.

Hosted in a live game studio, Dear or No Deal Live throws a digital twist on the original small-screen format which went on to enthral collective audiences from over 50 separate countries, due do its gripping gameplay and lure of huge paydays.

The TV show was produced in the UK by Endemol West to much acclaim, and Evolution Gaming superbly manage to capture the suspense and excitement of the original version, taking live casino entertainment to unchartered heights.


The opening sequence combines crisp and sharp graphics, which make way for the live studio environment as the game unfolds. Conducted immaculately by a pair of hosts, the main bonus game runs smoothly and gives the game a professional feel that pays homage to its predecessor.

Briefcases are represented digitally to either side of the screen, replacing the red boxes found in the UK TV version.


In a slight change to the original format, the game consists of three main phases: the qualification round (mandatory), Top Up Round (optional) and finally, the famous Briefcase game that armchair fans at home will recognise.

To earn yourself a spot in the live Briefcase round, you must first pass the opening qualification phase by unlocking a segment of the digital vault - after setting your bet amount.

One of three degrees of difficulty can be applied to boost your chances of qualifying for the live round, ranging from Normal, which costs 1x your wager, to Very Easy, priced at 9x your bet.

With each spin, the prize money behind the richest briefcase of the 16 is set against your bet, by a factor of between 75x - 500x.

Qualifying rounds typically last around 2 minutes, so you never have to wait long if you don’t manage to make it through first time round.

Top Up Round

This entirely optional round lets you choose one briefcase from the 16 available, split evenly between blue (low value) and red (high value) numbers, mirroring the original game.

Once you’ve decided on a briefcase, you can multiply its value by spinning another wheel that contains values ranging from 5x up to 50x. If a briefcase was originally worth €1, for example, landing a 50x multiplier suddenly boosts its value up to €50 and increases your chances of a larger return.

It’s also possible to spread your odds across more than one briefcase by increasing the value of the others in play.

Briefcase Round

The Briefcase Round operates similarly to the original on which it was based, with one briefcase positioned in front of the presenter prior to the start of the game.

Four rounds then follow, opening either 3 or 4 briefcases at a time, in an order of: 3, 4, 4, 3.

After each round an offer from the bank is received, leaving you with two choices: Deal or No Deal. But be quick, you’ve only 10 seconds to make a decision before the game continues. Note that No Deal is the default choice when no decision is forthcoming.

You’re also given the option to swap your box at the end, which may well appeal to the more superstitious gamblers amongst you.


The game comes with a modest RTP rating of 95.42%, on the low side for most modern day casino titles, but higher than another popular live creation from its developer: Monopoly Live.

Deal or No Deal on Mobile

Players can experience the suspense of this offering in the palm of their hand 24/7, with the game offered across most modern handheld devices.

The Verdict

Fans of the original Deal or No Deal will love this follow-up version, brought effortlessly into the online casino ream by Evolution Gaming.

The production quality is stunning, hosted in a real life studio environment that draws strong parallels with the TV version. In addition, the game’s presenters help to reinforce the air of professionalism and move the game along nicely.

The introduction of an opening qualification round does drag the game out, and the prizes at stake compare less favourably to the TV version, however there is plenty here to keep players of all ages entertained for long periods and the title is most definitely worth a try.

Deal or No Deal at Caxino Casino

Deal or No Deal, plus hundreds of other popular slots, are available to play today at Caxino Casino. You can even try out your favourite games in free play mode before wagering any real money to decide which game is right for you.


How do I get to play the Briefcase round?

All players must first nogotiate the opening qualification round in order to participate in the bonus game modelled on the TV show. This is achieved by unlocking a certain segment on the digital vault.

How many briefcases are there in the Briefcase round?

There are a total of 16 briefcases in play, which are all removed from the game at a rate of 3, 4, 4, then 3 at a time.

Can I select my own briefcase?

Yes, you're given the opportunity to choose your own briefcase during the optional Top Up round from the 16 available. Spinning another wheel then lets you multiply the starting value of your briefcase, between 5x and 50x.

RTP: 95.42%
Min/Max Bet: € 0.10 – 9,000.00
Volatility: Medium (5/10)
Platform: Desktop & Mobile
Developer: Evolution
Game Type: Live Casino

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