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Play Monopoly LIVE Now!

Monopoly LIVE

One of the most iconic board games ever produced has been given a digital makeover in this runaway success from renowned software house, Evolution Gaming.

Brought to you by a live host, Monopoly’s life-size version provides a modern twist on an old-school analogue classic, centred around its money wheel that borrows heavily from another title in the creator’s back catalogue - Dream Catcher.

Despite some marked nuances from the original sit-down variant, the fundamentals of Monopoly LIVE remain largely unchanged. We’ll go over some of these below.


A reimagined cityscape complete with skyscrapers and airplanes sets the scene for the game, rendered in stunning 3D graphics that truly elevate this game and give it a casino category all of its own. Quirky sound effects, meanwhile, add a touch of authenticity and help move the game along nicely.


The game’s host kicks things off by spinning the wheel, which houses segments labelled 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls.

If the wheel lands on a segment you backed before bets were closed, you’re a winner. Your win amount is a direct bet multiplier of the winning segment - so if you correctly bet on 2, you get back 2x your stake, and a 10x multiplier win if you rightly backed a segment marked ‘10’ etc.

It’s in the game’s bonus rounds where you’ll find the bigger prizes at stake, though. Get ready to to be taken to a parallel virtual world whenever the wheel lands on Chance, 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls.


The game’s central character, Mr. Monopoly, shows up when the wheel lands on Chance, equipped with a random card. Behind the card is either a multiplier bonus, the value of which is determined by another spin of the wheel from our host; or an instant cash prize.

If the host lands upon another multiplier, all bets from the current round remain in place and the wheel gets another spin. Any resulting winnings from subsequent spins are then compounded by the card multiplier. With multiplier segments reaching a max 10x, players can get up to 100x on their stake if two 10x multipliers are hit back to back - making for some serious riches that can reach sky-high whenever the wheel lands on Rolls, explained further below.


Get ready to enter augmented virtual reality whenever you correctly back either of the ‘Rolls’ segments (2 or 4), complete with traditional Monopoly features like Go, Community Chest, and of course, properties of varying value.

All buildings have starting values between 1 and 100, with Mayfair the most lucrative, and those values are increased according to the multiplier you bet on during the previous base game. If you wagered on the max 10 segment, for example, your starting values are ramped up by a factor of 10, to 10-1,000.

Boosting your win potential even further, the inherent value of some buildings varies over time as they become developed into larger properties. If you’re lucky, a 10x Chance multiplier could see Mayfair’s value supersized to an incredible 10,000x!

Mr. Monopoly sets off in the hunt for prizes once the dices are rolled, unlocking a cash prize every time he lands on a property, which is equal to its value. Rolling doubles, meanwhile, increases the number of rolls thrown.

Manage to pass Go, and this magically doubles the value of all properties on the board! It’s not all plain-sailing, however. Just like the original version, landing on Chance or Community Chest can prove harmful to your efforts, in some cases reducing your current winnings, while Tax cards will cost you 10% or 20% of your earnings. And needless to say, avoid Jail at all costs!


Monopoly LIVE is considered a high volatility game, offering up big wins whenever the lucrative ‘Rolls’ bonus rounds are triggered.

Monopoly LIVE on Mobile

Evolution Gaming truly broke the mould with this ground-breaking release, and the developers have not scrimped on the mobile version, either. Players can enjoy Monopoly LIVE’s same great features across most modern handheld devices, including iOS and Android, without losing any of the game’s stunning graphic quality.

The Verdict

This updated, digital reincarnation of Monopoly is an absolute must-play for casino players and board game fans of all ages.

The game blends a stonewall childhood classic game with modern visuals and clever mechanics to introduce a new dimension to board game play.

The affable studio host, cutting-edge graphics and immersive gameplay all contribute to a next-level gaming experience. However, the game is let down slightly by its low RTP rating, which can stoop as low as 91.3% when betting on certain numbered squares.

But don’t let that put you off. There is plenty on offer here to ensure hours of entertainment, and Monopoly LIVE gets a big seal of approval from us.

Play Monopoly LIVE at Caxino Casino

Monopoly LIVE, plus hundreds of other popular slots, are available to play today at Caxino Casino. You can even try out your favourite games in free play mode before wagering any real money to decide which game is right for you.


How can I qualify for one of the bonus rounds?

In the money wheel round, placing bets on the '2 Rolls ' or '4 Rolls' spots (or both) earns you a place in the corresponding bonus round if the wheel lands on either of these segments.

What is the payout for correctly betting on a number 2?

If the number wheel lands on one of the 15 segments marked with a number 2 and you bet on this outcome prior to the spin, you receive a return of 2x your wager.

What is the maximum bet in Monopoly LIVE?

The maximum bet amount is €1,000, and the minimum is €1.

What happens when the wheel lands on 'Chance'?

This result would prompt Mr. Monopoly to appear, holding a random card that contains either a multiplier bonus or an instant cash prize.

RTP: 93.40%
Min/Max Bet: € 0.10 – 5,000.00
Volatility: High (8/10)
Platform: Desktop & Mobile
Developer: Evolution
Game Type: Live Casino

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